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Case Results

  • No Prison and one day of Jail time

    April 2018

    Client was charged with 3 counts of felony sexual assault and was facing presumptive state prison if convicted after trial. Eric Hintz negotiated a plea bargain with the District Attorney that included a promise of probation and no initial state prison and a one day county jail sentence for whic... Read On

  • Felony DUI with GBI - Resolved for Community Service

    October 2019

    Client was charged with a felony DUI including an enhancement for inflicting Great Bodily Injury (GBI) on her passenger who sustained life threatening injuries.  The District Attorney agreed to no initial state prison, but wanted the client to serve 180 days of actual time in the county jail. Read On

  • Plea to a Misdemeanor

    May 2019

    Client was charged with 3 felonies including two counts of felony DUI causing injury to multiple victims and felony child endangerment. Eric Hintz negotiated a plea bargain with the court, over the objection of the District Attorney, that resulted in a misdemeanor resolution and no actual jail time for the client which saved his employment Read On

  • Not Guilty after Trial

    April 2019

    Client found NOT GUILTY after trial on all counts including Felony Assault and Battery with Great Bodily Injury and alleged Terrorist Threats. Read On

  • Client with 2 pending DUI Cases - Both Cases Dismissed

    August 2019

    Client with 2 pending DUI Cases had both cases dismissed in the interests of justice.  Read On


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