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Do you offer a free initial consultation?

Yes, I am happy to offer prospective new clients who are out of custody a free initial consultation.

What if the prospective client is in custody?

I am generally willing to meet with the family or friends of the in-custody prospective client to evaluate the client's particular situation.In some cases, I am also willing to do a jail visit, if necessary, to further evaluate the case.

Have you handled cases like mine before?

Although every case is unique to the individual client, it is very rare after 30 years in the practice of law for me to not have encountered similar fact patterns and cases on many prior occasions.

How will this case affect my job?

Most of my clients are either working or going to school and frequently the outcome of the case will affect their current and future employment. To the extent possible, I will attempt to incorporate the client's unique employment or educational situation into a case plan that will address these concerns.

Will I have to go to jail or prison if I am convicted?

In every criminal case charged as a felony or as misdemeanor, there is the theoretical possibility of a jail or prison sentence.That said, for most non -violent, first offenses most cases can be resolved without actual incarceration as distinct from various forms of Alternative Sentencing, including, but not limited to:Home Detention, Electronic Monitoring, Sherriff's Work Project/Work Furlough and Community Service.

What is your legal fee and what does it include?

The legal fees charged in your case will be specifically discussed with you at the conclusion of your initial consultation. You will not be charged for that consultation. Fees are normally quoted on a flat fee basis and will vary depending on the seriousness and complexity of a particular case.


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